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Great importance is given for the decoration of the house with the paintings, idols and especially the main door decoration. The main door was considered very important in ancient days and even today as the people used to think that all the prosperity and money comes from the main door.

Main door decoration: Care should be taken to decorate the main door. The objects of the main door as prescribed in the text are:

  • Kula Devata: The image of the family deity. Its dimension should not be more than one hasta (18") of length.
  • Two Prathiharis (Sentinels or guards): Well decorated in ornaments bearing staff and swords in their hands, well clothed, glowing with youth and beauty, along with lady Prathiharinis and placed on both the sides of the door.
  • Dhaatri (a dwarfish nurse): her maid companions should follow it, the happy jesters i.e. Vidhushakas.
  • Shanka and Padmanidhi emitting coins.
  • The Asthamangala: on the seat of lotus wearing a sacred garland of eight auspicious symbols.
  • Lakshmi: lotus seated and well decorated and being bathed by elephants.
  • Cow with her calf and well ornamented with flower garlands etc.
  • Motifs of serpents, giants, owl, wild animals, elephants, daityas, nudes, fight between God and demons, hunting, house on fire, trees devoid of flowers should not be placed on the main door.
  • Nowadays people in their over enthusiasm to decorate the house use figures of Gods like Krishna, Ganesh, Vishnu etc. and also many other prohibited motifs.

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