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Before starting the construction work it is important to consider few fundamental steps in order to make construction concrete and solid. This is an essential task for the benefit of building which is going to build on the specific field or plot. The preliminary steps include analyzing the field to work upon, clearing & digging the land properly, filling the ground with right material.

We will now discuss the fundamental steps in detail that are important to be undertaken before the beginning of construction work:

Clearing the field

The foremost task before starting the construction work is clearing and checking the land to work upon for the archeological evidences that certain land contains such as immemorial coins, fossils or any other material. The field should be checked properly for such antiquities as they are precious and must be handover to government. Sometimes certain lands contains antique material including different types of stones, gold or silver pricks in the soil which can be easily identified while analyzing the field. Carefully this step must be taken before starting the construction work.

Removal of roots from the land

Roots of certain trees and plants go deeper into the earth which must be removed before starting the construction of building of particular land. This makes another significant preliminary step that has to be undertaken. Roots of the trees must be removed atleast upto the 60 cm below the earth and place can be further filled with material later to level.

Ground filling

This is the last fundamental step taken before the construction which involves filling of the ground for leveling the earth by layering stones and sand. But before that it is important to check the earth which should be necessarily free from all saplings, plants, mud, roots or other waste. Once the land is cleared, filling work should be started by layering stones following by hammering the stones and leveling the field in every direction.

Completion / Construction as per layout

We use most reliable and accurate cost estimation models and we construct as per layouts to ensure best results.

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