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Majha Builders Pvt Ltd is a multi-discipline Construction company which provides general contracting, construction management and pre-engineered metal building services to commercial , industrial and residential clients throughout Punjab . Anchored by loyal employees who are dedicated in providing superior service, and grounded in the philosophy that honesty and integrity are as important as the bottom line, Majha Builders Pvt Ltd has enjoyed an impeccable reputation for over years. We have never failed to complete a project and have never had a bond claim. Schedules and budgets are meant to be kept, and we strive every day to do so.

“Safety First“ for all employees is embedded in our company culture from top to bottom, and our EMR is among the best in the industry. Additionally, as a result of our efforts to produce only the “best projects,” we have earned a good report among commercial and residential clients .

Majha Builders Pvt Ltd has the ability to self perform many aspects of a construction project, and the FINANCIAL strength of the entire organization ensures each client of our ability to always perform – from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting, and just as important, through the warranty period.

And Yes Keys skill include Timely completion of Projects through experienced staff and availability of Infrastructure

We simply try harder, and the results speak for themselves .

So WE WELCOME YOU TO be a part of stunning voyage ie. “ FROM CONCEPT TO CREATION “



Tejinder Singh Dadwal